Sanctioning process: the municipality of Novara and Tecnosys Italia for smarter management

May 24, 2023 | News | 0 comments


– From a press release issued by the municipal administration of Novara |

Tecnosys Italia protagonist of the management of the sanctioning process for the Municipality of Novara.

“Offensive by the Municipality against motorists who do not decide to pay the fines.

The municipal council has approved the passage to the tax injunction for 1,928 fines imposed in the second half of 2017 and not yet paid.

In reality, the sum cannot be completely collected because in the meantime some fined people have died, have gone untraceable or have moved abroad.

The issue of the difficulty of collecting the fines had been raised several times in the City Council and thethe Councilor for the Budget, Silvana Moscatelli, had announced that the City would start all the necessary measures to make the due payable.

In the meantime, the municipal administration, with a specific resolution, has also entrusted the contract relating to the update and maintenance service for the year 2019 of the fines management software to Tecnosys Italia Srl”

The Tecnosys Italia solutions for the complete management of the sanctioning and parking process of the Local, Provincial Police Headquarters and Companies in the Parking and Mobility area are:

  • CHIPS MOBILE APP: the APP used by operators to check and issue reports on the road;
  • CHIPS WEB APP: an integrated platform for Local, Municipal and Provincial Police Commands to complete management of the sanctioning process.