Chips Web

CHIPS Web is an integrated platform for the Local, Municipal, and Provincial Police Commands, for the complete management of the sanctioning process.

What is it for?

CHIPS Web allows managing and processing information related to road traffic violations and so-called extra-CdS, centralizing data, measuring Command performance, distributing work by allowing the outsourcing of one or more processing phases, thus reducing the need for Agents’ presence in back-office activities.

Who is it for?

Local, Municipal, and Provincial Police Commands.

How does it work?

The procedure, completely web-based, operates through a series of modules, each with different functions but fully integrated with each other.

It interfaces with any electronic sanctioning device, such as: 

  • Fixed detection systems (ZTL, Velox, Traffic Lights, Tutor, etc.);
  • Mobile detection systems (PDAs, Laser, etc.);

Through Chips Web, it is possible to access in real-time the main external databases, such as:

  • Driver Portal;
  • Official databases for the retrieval of Ownership Data (ACI, etc.);
  • Siatel databases for checking residence addresses;
  • National Register of Residents (ANPR);
  • Data exchange system with SAFO car rentals, Agenzia Italia, etc. for the recovery of the driver’s information;
  • SANA system for communicating data to participating Prefectures;
  • INI-PEC database for retrieving PEC addresses and subsequent mass notification of findings;
  • IO App for sending reports and sending payment before notification.