Chips Mobile

The app was developed for the complete management of the sanctioning process and also allows a real-time connection with the Operations Center.

What is it for?

It is an effective control tool, which allows verifying the validity of parking, managing any type of report, and checking the vehicle and offender data.

Who is it for?

CHIPS Mobile is the solution aimed at all Local, Municipal, and Provincial Police Commands and all companies, public or private, that manage, on behalf of the Public Administration, controlled circulation and parking areas or paid parking lots, for the control and management of any violations of the CdS.

How does it work?

The downloadable App can be installed on any latest-generation device (Smartphone, Tablet, etc.) and allows agents/operators to draw

up digital reports for violations of the CdS on the road. From the web dashboard, it is possible to check and verify the issued sanctions,

proceed with any cancellations, and carry out extractions and control reports.