Posso prenotare

Posso Prenotare is an App designed to manage bookings of consultancy, performance, and services in a simple and immediate way.

What is it for?

Posso Prenotare allows citizens to manage, h24 and 7/7, booking requests. Through the geolocation service, you can find the dedired product/service closest to you. Through the App, the company/activity can obtain greater visibility on the web, optimize and simplify  secretarial processes, providing some services remotely thanks to the integrated videoconferencing system. The Company can set the  times and available resources according to the service/product offered and can also customize and send real-time notifications  and communications to its customers and carry out statistics and booking reports.

Who is it for?

It is aimed at all professionals, associations, studios and activities of any kind that provide products and services by reservation, such as:

  • Medical studies
  • Dentists
  • Radiological centres
  • Law Firms
  • Analysis laboratories
  • Accountants
  • Freelancers
  • Trade organizations
How does it work?

The App, downloadable from the PlayStore and AppStore through the geolocation service, allows you to find the useful product/service in the immediate vicinity of the citizen, facilitating those who are not already customers of a company/business. Once the reservation has  been made, the App automatically sends a reminder with the details of the day and time of the appointment, allowing the citizen to  change the reservation. Together with the confirmation of the appointment, the user receives a message with the list of documents  necessary for the provision of the service. Through the App, the company/business operator sets the parameters, offices,  availability times and rates.