+Housing Plus

+Housing Plus is an App designed and developed for Public and Private Residential Building Entities and Companies to respond in a more efficient and effective way to changing needs in their relationships with users.

What is it for?

It allows tenants to directly contact the entity and lighten the workload on various offices and especially the Public Relations Office (URP).

The App, operating through a series of modules, allows tenants to consult data on their properties, report any faults, book appointments

with the relevant offices. Entities can keep track of the management, economic, organizational and maintenance performance

of properties. They can verify reservations and appointments in real-time, reducing waiting times in offices. They can also

manage the provision of some services through the integrated video conferencing system in the App.

Who is it for?

It is an App dedicated to the world of Public and Private Residential Building specifically aimed at internal personnel,

managers, and administrators. It is aldo dedicated to all parties who have a contractual rental relationship with the entities.

How does it work?

Tenants can download the App for free form PlayStore and AppStore and access the various functions directly from their devices:

  • Consultation of documents and procedures
  • Appointment booking
  • Activation requests for procedures and documents
  • Reports of maintenance interventions/faults

Entities through the dedicated platform can manage and always keep track of: the accounting/administrative situation, reports of

faults/maintenance interventions related to properties and can also view and manage appointment requests made by tenants, thus

reducing the workload on various offices.