ew-DOX – Document Management

eW – DOX

Document Management and Document Repository

It is a module of the e-working platform that enables the management of an organization’s document flow. Specifically, with eW-DOX, it is possible to acquire, classify, digitize, store, and manage the entire lifecycle of documents. It also ensures the uniqueness of the document and the ability to reference it from other modules without having to enter a new document into the archive.

Select the units necessary to obtain the final cost, if the units exceed 200 request a personalized quote by writing to commerciale@tecnosysitalia.eu

Integrated modules

w-DOC Document Management and Optical Archiving

w-PROT Electronic Protocol Management

w-DELManagement of Deeds of Will

w-UBI Document Location Management

w-MAILDirect Email Sending of Archived Documents

w-OPTIX-mMassive Optical Archiving from Scanners

w-PROTWEB Online Protocol Consultation for the Tenant

w-DOCWEBPublication of Documents/Information for the Tenant

w-PECAutomatic Archiving of Incoming PEC

w-PFEAutomatic Protocolling of Electronic Invoices and SDI Interchange

w-GEDAF Automatic File Document Archiving

w-AFEF Archiviazione Automatic Electronic Invoice Archiving from Files

w-IDAS IData Exchange for Substitutive Archiving (Aruba, Telecompost)

w-APL Online Notice Board Management