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Welcome to Enna!

From here it is possible to view the various itineraries proposed.

A work born exclusively from the collaboration of professionals from Enna.
The following have collaborated with Tecnosys srl:
Giuseppe Maria Amato and Valentina Di Natale for the lyrics;
Gioacchino Nigrelli for graphics;
Jacopo Coppola for the images;
Luisa Gardalirdali for translations;
Sabrina Murgano for translation and voice-over.


Enna is an Italian town of 28 161 inhabitants, capital of the homonymous province in Sicily.

Called Castrogiovanni until 1927, the year in which it resumed the ancient name of Enna. Known for being the highest provincial capital in Italy, due to the altitude of the town which stands at 931 m at the Town Hall, it reaches 992 m at the Castello di Lombardia, the ancient acropolis.

The city has been defined Urbs Inexpugnabilis, by the Romans for its impregnability, Navel of Sicily, for its geographical centrality with respect to the island, and Belvedere di Sicilia, for the panoramic views that can be had from here in various directions.

In the previous three millennia it was an almost impregnable stronghold of Sicans, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Swabians and Aragonese. Enna preserves the castle, the Rocca di Cerere and the Cathedral.

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