Tecnosys Italia and Cloud4City: proximity services at the service of the city

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Tecnosys Italia and Cloud4City: proximity services at the service of the city

Tecnosys Italia together with other consortium companies Etna Hitech participated in the implementation of the Cloud4City project. Technology, Innovation, Connection: these are the main themes that characterize CLOUD4CITY, created to meet the ever-growing interest of modern society towards increasingly innovative mobile solutions and services. The Cloud4City (C4C) project proposal consists in the creation of a platform that offers proximity services, within a well-localized spatial context in which to weave relationships between citizens and Public Administrations and between citizens and local traders/craftsmen. The keyword of C4C is proximity. The Core main of the project is based on the construction of an integrated indoor and outdoor geolocation network, which covers the urban territory and at the same time, allows to recognize and locate the mobile users, this in order to provide them with services related to their resources and interests and easily accessible based on their location.

Among the possible cases of application there could be, for example, a service that warns of the arrival of a specific public transport of interest or a mobility support service for a disabled user, etc.

C4C is an interactive tool. It is aimed at public, private and commercial users.

The proximity services provided as part of the project are intended to satisfy commonly widespread needs, in the following application areas:

  • Mobile use of services provided by the local Public Administration;
  • Mobile use of proximity messaging services between geolocated users;
  • Use of proximity marketing services.

The potential use of this service platform therefore assumes the characteristics of a social innovation tool, useful for the exchange of relevant data and information between groups of users.

On December 15th 2022, all the project partners will present the created platform in Catania.

15 December 22 from 9:00 to 13:30

Hall of the Small Refectory of the Civic and Ursino Reunited Libraries

at the former Benedictine monastery