News on public housing: yesterday, today and tomorrow

May 24, 2023 | News | 0 comments



The signs of a slowdown in the national economy make the performance of the Public Residential Construction sector very uncertain for the current year and for the next. In relation to the weakening of GDP, the 2019 Budget Law unfortunately does not seem to respond to the need to support and amplify the increase in wealth, which in Italy is still below pre-crisis levels (-4.2% compared to GDP 2007). The maneuver chose to increase current expenses (VAT sterilization, Citizenship Income and “Quota 100”), reducing the announced investment commitment.

The European Commission had agreed on an increase in the deficit/GDP ratio and the consequent need to reduce public support to the economy during the year; this eventuality could have led not only to a reduction in public resources, but also to a reduction in the expectations of citizens and businesses, which would review their choices on consumption and investments.

Based on a study conducted by Ance[1] for 2019, on the other hand, there was an increase in investments in construction in the Public Residential Building sector of 2%; in the detail of the individual segments, a further increase of 0.7% can be observed for investments in extraordinary maintenance on the housing stock.


A further increase is expected for 2020, higher than that of 2019, which is reflected in all business segments. The greatest impetus should derive precisely from Public Works in consideration of the investment support measures envisaged in the latest Budget Law for 2019.

In fact, it is the DM of 16 May 2019, the one with which the funds of the resources of the “Piano Casa” are distributed. The fund, not yet implemented, will be of an amount equal to 22,480,752 euros, and will be distributed among all the Regions of Italy for the recovery of Public Residential Housing (annuality 2019-2024) .

The “House plan” [2], has the aim of improving the conditions of public residential construction, with the construction of new social housing and the recovery of existing ones.

The resources are broken down as follows: Lombardy (about 4 million euros), followed by Campania (about 2.5 million euros), Lazio (about 2.3 million euros) and Sicily (2.1 million euros), etc.

It will certainly be necessary to deal with obstacles of various kinds, such as the implementation times of investments in public works, waiting for a revision of the Code of contracts and the complexity of site management, but this must not be an obstacle since, thanks to the “Piano Casa” promises an improvement in terms of capital which will be reflected in all sectors of activity.

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