Tecnosys Italia has integrated its systems for the management of the sanctioning process, CHIPS WEB & CHIPS Mobile, with the PagoPA circuit.
The new Chips PagoPA module allows the operator to manage communications to and from the platform, obtaining, in the initial phase, the return of the IUV (Unique Payment Identifier) to be associated with the single report or notice.
In this way, the citizen, having the printout of the notice, already prepared for the PagoPA circuit, will be able to proceed with the payment using one of the many payment channels made available by the circuit itself.
Subsequently the report, to which the IUV has already been associated, is sent to the printing and notification system which produces the payment notices in the PagoPA standard.
A further novelty is the possibility of activating a service for updating the amounts, which makes it possible to update, in real time, the amount with which the IUV was created with what is envisaged by the system at the time of payment. This feature is very important as it prevents citizens from paying different amounts than they have been charged, thus avoiding the risk of double payments or partial payments.

The system is absolutely flexible and allows for both real-time and traditional reporting by uploading a flow.

This new module allows both citizens and Commands to simplify and speed up the payment process and to have greater control over the entire process.