Tecnosys Italia participates in IoMobilityWorld with the Parking Management APP

Parking Management with CHIPS by Tecnosys Italia

IoMobility World, the most important Italian event for the promotion of the Internet of Mobility, took place on 3-4 April at the MIND – Milano Innovation District.

The IoMOBILITY World project was born with the aim of spreading a new vision of Mobility in the era of Digital Transformation which is revolutionizing not only the technical aspects but also the way of conceiving and using the Mobility Experience increasingly focused on users and not on means.

Tecnosys Italia, which focuses its activities on the use of innovative digital technologies, identifies in future mobility and, in the tools connected to it, an opportunity to respond to user needs.

Tecnosys Italia makes all this concrete with the integrated CHIPS MOBILE platform for the complete management of the sanctioning process of the Local and Provincial Police Headquarters and of the Companies in the area of Parking and Mobility.

CHIPS MOBILE is an effective control tool, which allows you to:

  • verify the validity of the parking
  • manage any type of report
  • check vehicle and car owner details

The CHIPS MOBILE APP is now chosen, disseminated and used throughout the national territory by over 700 users.

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