Digital transformation: how to improve the relationship with citizens

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Digital transformation: how to improve the relationship with citizens

Improve services and relations with citizens by avoiding the pitfalls of digitalisation? It can be done!

today the relationship between Public Administrations and citizens presents some critical issues, due to the continuous technological and digital< /strong> and as a result of contingent external factors due to the pandemic. The security measures (anti Covid) have imposed radical changes in the relationship with users, causing difficulties and malfunctions in the provision of services.

The process of adapting to this new scenario is full of pitfalls and difficulties, such as:

– Facing the need for technological innovation and digital transformation of work processes< /p>

Train the collaborators who deliver services to the public

– Have adequate tools, technologically advanced, and clear and simple procedures

– Tackling staff resistance to change

Educate and accompany the citizen, who is not always familiar with technological systems, the use of new digital procedures.

To overcome these challenges you need to find the answers to these 3 big questions:

1. How to combine the needs of the citizen with the needs of the Institution?

2. How to optimize the working methods and the resources available?

3. What can management and administrators do to transform digital change into improvement for the benefit of the Authority, employees and citizens? p>

To answer these questions in a strategic and effective way, we organized an ad hoc free meeting , dedicated to the executive figures of Public Bodies:

Why attend this meeting?

To be able to acquire:

– Greater awareness of the issues and Guidelines of digital transformation in the Public Administration p>

– Clarity on the main criticalities and needs of collaborators and citizens

– Knowledge of technological solutions aimed at simplifying processes and making delivery more accessible of services.

Join on 22nd, 23rd or 24th November< /p>

from 9:45 am to 12:30 am in viale Africa 31, Catania

The event is exclusive, with limited number and reserved for figures only executives and directors.

Click the link below to reserve your front row seat.