A step towards the future: Tecnosys Italia organizes the first Smart Convention

May 24, 2023 | News | 0 comments


The first Tecnosys Italia Smart Convention was recently held.

The Virtual Experience, in which all employees and collaborators took part, developed on various topics such as the analysis of past company results and the present situation, the formulation of future strategies and team building and training activities were also carried out .

Tonino Palma, President of the company comments: “This 2020 has indelibly marked the existence of each of us and we are called to face a situation that has never occurred before, both from a social, family and work point of view. We wanted to send a signal of positivity and hope by organizing our first convention with a significant name T-Evolution Smart Convention.

Precisely because of the particularity of the moment, we have dealt with topics relating to the analysis of the current situation and how our company has reacted to protect the health of employees through the use of smart working even before the issuance of the DPCMs, for the maintenance of with its customers remotely and above all to safeguard the jobs of all our employees.

The exceptional nature of the moment also prompted us to take an initiative that was greatly appreciated by our employees, i.e. we dedicated part of the convention to Work-Life Balance, i.e. a training activity on the balance between time devoted to work, family and ourselves and for the first time in the history of our conventions, the families of employees were also involved.”

Alessandro Palma, partner and General Manager of Tecnosys comments: “It was exciting to be able to meet all of us even if virtually, we connected from all over Italy (Milan, Pavia, Catania, Enna, etc.) and it was an opportunity to take stock of the situation, resolve the doubts of the present and above all to lay the foundations for future strategies and actions, for the success of each of us and of the company”.

Carmelo Palma, partner and head of research and development commented: “This convention was of fundamental importance in transmitting courage and hope to all our collaborators in such a difficult moment of general uncertainty. Despite the moment we are going through from a health, social and economic point of view, we have laid the foundations for a series of projects and initiatives that will see the light during 2021, which will serve to launch new business opportunities thanks to the use of new technologies ”.