PO FESR Sicilia 2014-2020

CUP G75F18000550008

Project n° 06EN6201000194

Action 1.1.2 Support for the purchase of services for the technological, strategic, organizational and commercial innovation of companies.

Project sponsored by European Union


PO FESR Sicily 2014/2020

AXIS 1 – Research, technological development and innovation

ACTION 1.1.2 – ” Support for the acquisition of instruments aimed at the innovation of business’s strategic, technologic, organisational and commercial capital. “


  • Re-engineer production processes;
  • Strategic relocation of products / services;
  • Improve the quality of products / services through changes and/or adjustments of marketing strategies, packaging, advertising, distribution and sales network and after-sales services.


There will be different typologies of developed activities, ranging from company business plan analysis to the innovation of commercial and organizational processes, from e-business and e-marketing tools development to coaching for business’s commercial innovation.


Improvement of Management KNOW-HOW;

  • Review of the model for human resources management;
  • Improvement to employees knowledge and expertise of business development strategies ;
  • Improvement of services and products quality through adjustments in marketing strategy, packaging, advertisement, distribution and sale network, post sale services.
  • Digital transformation of marketing processes;
  • Improvement to the commercial output of the company.

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